An EASY WAY to open BLOCKED Telegram bots and channels


Along with his telegram messenger paivalduro started a quiet but vital fight against google and apple creating a completely new version of the application for android and two desktop versions

it's thanks to them,that users now have access to blocked channels and bots

i'm gonna tell you how to get access to them in order to discover secret resources

Teldra messenger has been in trouble with the big technology giants like apple and google many times the former once removed the application from the app store and google constantly gets the same claims to remove telegram from google play and every time there are some new reasons why the messenger should be removed from the online stores

At the same time paivaldurf has stated that apple for example is constantly delaying new upgrades on its platform due to long checks for pirated and other content which is prohibited by the rules of the app store the same is true for the android website, but so far it hasn't come to remove the app

Durov and the team had a choice they must either obey the game rules from apple and google or take the path of war by developing all the possible ways to avoid being deleted or blocked

As you can see telegram chose the second scenario, on the one hand the claims of technology giants are clear the data distribution pirated or adult content, while telegram does struggle with all of these in order to keep working in the user's phones

The messenger team is well aware that at any moment the requirements may change or you can't control absolutely all the content in telegram and then the application would be removed from the app store or google play again and since very soon

Durov's app has to go to a new level of development aka monetization of the project that is making money on advertising and extra paid services the telegram team can't afford to lose an app on the online stores because that would result in a huge financial loss for all these reasons we now have apple and google free versions of telegram for android and desktop this is why it's an essential step the messenger team reports that the android version as well as the desktop versions will have fewer content related restrictions and if google and apple suddenly decide to knock telegram out of the app stores the users won't get disconnected and get reduced features and now onto the most important thing how to join and use blocked channels and bots and telegram with the new versions

First let's have a look at how to access blocked resources in the new desktop versions here's the situation channels that are displayed on smartphones as blocked due to copyright infringement can be easily opened in two new desktop versions

The same goes for telegram bots that is anything that's blocked on smartphones works well on telegram web now the only problem with bots is that web versions unfortunately do not display a list of commands and buttons to used robots, that is for now it won't be possible to use all bots with all these versions

Developers point it out too for each of the two new web versions there are limitations which are described on the telegram website other than that as i told you earlier web versions give you access to restricted content they work just perfectly almost as apps on phones and therefore you shouldn't worry about future telegram removals from apple stores or google stores.

Yes i'll put all the links in the description box android users also have access to restricted resources as the messenger team has released an alternative version that everyone can install for free

I'll remind you that by installing it on your smartphone you will also get less restrictions than the google play version of telegram plus this version will get early updates than the application from the market and running ahead to respond to your comments the standalone android client will be updated automatically

You won't have to download anything again if you want to install telegram and android you only have to go to the download page on the official website of the messenger you can find the link in the description box and you'll just have to press download telegram and then tap ok in a few seconds you will get a notification saying the download is complete then click open and next tap install in a moment you get an independent version of telegram for android on your device i will point out that the installation process may be slightly different among smartphones but the general scheme is almost identical plus you can have both the google play version and the alternative client on the phone together they have different pages so you're not gonna mix them up as a result

A standalone client on android provides features with fewer restrictions you can't open some bot on a client from google play don't worry open it in the other app and it'll work the same goes for the channels do you think that telegram team has done the right thing by providing users with these new versions of the telegram without restrictions or durov and the company didn't do good to the same rights holders because in fact their content can now be found without any problems in telegram.

Web versions with unblocked resources:

You can read about the restrictions in these web versions here:

You can get the unlimited version for Android from here:


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